Gyrocopter with Camera

Our Gyrocopter aircraft is nearing completion and will provide a very useful aerial photography platform. It will carry a full HD camera in a gryroscopic vibration free harness and this aircraft is very stable as it is not affected by air currents in the same way as the Trike. One of its strengths is that it requires a very short runway to get airbourne. This means we are able to get the View From The Air in some of the most inexcessible regions. These are some of the specs:

  • HD panoramic camera
  • Aerial videos camera
  • Very short take off distance
  • Vibration-free gyroscopic harness
  • Very stable raw footage

To see a selection of aerial photos please use the Text ON/OFF button at the top of all pages in this website. Check out our videos and interactive spheres and virtual tours.

Contact us now for prices. It costs less than you think to have this useful media created. There is nothing like the View From The Air.

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